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Given our contacts, built up over decades we are in a unique position to source rare, vintage, limited edition whiskies.

So, whether you're a whisky collector, a whisky investor or an avid whisky consumer and connoisseur, part of the mystical appeal of Scottish Single Malt Whisky is the ellusive nature of old and rare limited editions.

With ever dwindling resources and significant reductions in maturing stocks held of rare whisky, tracking down these specialities can be tricky.

Whilst RW101 is not a retail site for whisky, our extensive geographical reach, leading industry contacts and network of collectors and investors globally, means we are perfectly placed to identify and source individual bottles or large collections and can also assist in liquidation and disposal of these rare stocks.

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Brokering Service

Our discreet whisky brokerage matches buyers and sellers. Collections are priced at current open market (UK auction) values.

Consultancy Service

Building a brand? Building a distillery? Our consultancy services could be just the thing to provide that competitive edge.


Rare Whisky 101 has been the trusted 'go-to' place for factual, accurate Single Malt Scotch Whisky valuations for many years.