Barrel Brokerage Process

Rare Whisky Barrel Brokerage Process

  1. List – we request you send your list of barrels to RW101 - ideally as an excel file. We need to know Distillery, year of production, cask type, age, original litres of alcohol (OLOA) when cask was filled.
  2. Flash Valuation - We conduct a “flash valuation” of your collection and provide you with a draft valuation to ensure alignment.
  3. Business Terms Agreed - Once this initial valuation is accepted we agree to work as partners to "broker" the barrels and their liquid contents on your behalf to our clients. We would expect a 6 month exclusivity agreement. This gives us time to find the right buyers, negotiate the price and gain agreement between you (the seller) and the buyer to proceed. Typically once we have an accurate valuation of all bottles our buyers make a decision within 4 to 8 weeks.
  4. Whisky Quality – we would request a 100 mls sample bottle from each cask you wish to sell and RW101 would assess the quality on a ten point rating scale.
  5. Whisky Quantity – we would request that you provide the regauge details for each cask you own – the bulk litres left in the cask, the alcohol strength and from this the litres of alcohol left in the cask/barrel.
  6. Full Valuation & Alignment - we would immediately create a full collection indicative Open Market Valuation (OMV) using UK auction data and our own experience and insight and share this with you and seek alignment on the value. Depending on your barrel collection size this will take 2 to 4 weeks to complete
  7. Finding the Buyer - we then find the buyer(s) and agree a negotiated price and time frame for the transaction between you and the buyer.
  8. Money Transfer – buyer will wire the money to you and you release the bottles for shipment.
  9. Cask transfer Documentation & Logistics - We can assist you and the buyer with logistics and warehouse solutions.
  10. Brokerage Invoice – our fees typically range from 10 to 15% depending on the quality and quantity of the collection. Many of our recent brokerage transactions are for small numbers of very old and rare casks up to larger parcels of younger stocks.
  11. Invoice Payment - We would invoice you, the seller for the agreed brokers fee only once you have received the funds from the buyer.
  12. Anonymity - clients like working with us given the privacy and anonymity we offer.

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