The RW101 Rare Whisky Indices

Rare Whisky 101 are in the unique position to be able to provide industry leading insight and intelligence to whisky connoisseurs, collectors and investors. Our extensive database has been evolved for more than ten years and contains factual, accurate open market values for the sale of {{numberOfSales}} bottles of Single Malt Scotch covering {{numberOfBottles}} different bottlings.

This unique database allows us to index bespoke collections of bottles and chart their value performance over time. Indices, or indexes as they are also known, are assets which are grouped together; either representing a specific sector of a market or a market in its entirety. For example, a stock market index’s overall level is calculated by taking into account the current prices of all the different assets within the index; this means that shifts in individual stock prices lead to the index rising or falling in value. At RW101 we do exactly the same for bottles of whisky in a range of different indices.

As the collectors market evolves and certain pockets of stock become more (or less) desirable we will publish new indices to provide increased visibility into the value of Rare Whisky.

Market Performance Indices

Our broadest measurement of the Rare Whisky market is the Apex 1000 Index which tracks the best performing 1000 bottles of Rare Whisky.

Index Comparison Chart

A single chart containing all of the market performance indices.

Rare Whisky Icon 100 Index

This index includes 100 iconic collectors' bottles. They are highly sought after and regularly traded at auction in the UK but do not necessarily always go up in value.

Japanese 100 Index

This index includes 100 iconic collectors’ bottles from Japan. Now becoming ever more desirable we are seeing more and more appear in UK auctions.

RW Apex 1000

The bottles in the index change regularly as certain bottles move up in value or conversely move down. These indices also allow us to monitor which brands are appearing more/less frequently in each index.

Vintage 50 Index

The Rare Whisky Vintage 50 Index charts the performance of 50 of the oldest, rarest bottles of Single Malt Scotch Whisky ever released.

Single Grain 100 Index

The Single Grain 100 Index (SG100) measures the performance of 100 bottles of single grain Scotch whisky

Distillery Specific Indices

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A single chart containing all of the distillery specific indices.

Ardbeg Index

Vastly popular among drinkers and collectors, Ardbeg offers something for every peat-fan across most price-points.

Balvenie Index

Dufftown heavyweight Balvenie was once toted as being a potential challenger for Macallan's dominence of the collectors market.

Bowmore Index

The oldest Islay single malt helped start the whisky collecting craze with some of the most collected bottles on the market.

Brora Index

The RWB (Rare Whisky Brora) Index includes official releases up to and including 2012.

Bruichladdich Index

Re-imagined by the incomparable Jim McEwen, this malt has been incredibly prolific over recent times.

Bunnahabhain Index

Some great quality limited releases show appeal for the softer side of Islay.

Caol Ila Index

Often overlooked, Caol Ila is growing in appeal with connoisseurs, collectors and investors as a high quality alternative to other Islay stablemates.

Clynelish Index

North Highland Wildcat, Clynelish, is famed as the successor of newly re-born Brora. It's waxy, fruit spirit is becoming increasingly popular.

Dalmore Index

With some of the oldest, rarest bottles ever created, Dalmore is one of the go to collectors distilleries.

Karuizawa Index

The RWK (Rare Whisky Karuizawa) Index tracks the performance of a select collection of bottles from this silent Japanese distillery.

Glendronach Index

Continued high quality heavily sherried releases have seen Glendronach become increasingly popular

Glenfarclas Index

Has been called 'Probably Speysides Finest'. This is a collection of bottles excluding the Family Cask series as that has its own index.

Glenfiddich Index

This pioneering malt has been releasing rare gems since the 1960s.

Glenlivet Index

Synonymous with the beating heart of Speyside and steeped in history, this is THE Glenlivet

Glenmorangie Index

A Highland classic now dusted down, polished and represented under new owners LVMH.

Highland Park Index

Recently re-positioned with a "Viking Soul" it has always been sought after for its peerless liquid.

Lagavulin Index

Gently nurtured by owner's Diageo, this cult Islay becomes ever more popular.

Laphroaig Index

Heavily peated cornerstone owned by Beam Suntory. One of the all time classic collectables

Macallan Index

Arguably the king of collectables.

Port Ellen OB Index

The RWPE (Rare Whisky Port Ellen) Index contains all official releases from this collectible Islay icon up to and including the twelfth release.

Rosebank Index

The 3rd in the Silent stills holy trilogy... THE definitive lowlander, tripe distilled, delicious.

Springbank Index

A true collectors malt... a hidden gem... a Campbeltown classic!

Talisker Index

Skye's oldest (and only, until recently) distillery, and arguably one of the most famous in Scotland.

Yamazaki Index

The Yamazaki Index tracks the performance of 30 collectable bottles from this hugely desirable Japanese brand.

Collector Specific Indices

Index Comparison Chart

A single chart containing all of the collector specific indices.

Balvenie Tun 1401 Index

Ever since the distillery exclusive release of the first batch of 336 bottles, Balvenie’s now discontinued Tun 1401 series has become a collectors favourite. The index starts in January 2014 and covers all nine releases.

Diageo Special Releases Index

An iconic collection of some of Dieageo's finest and rarest spirits.

Flora & Fauna Index

A Diageo range where they showcased the “house style” from each and every distillery they owned.

Game of Thrones Index

Cult TV show tie up with Diageo. Does the index have as much of a sting in the tail as the show did!

Glenfarclas Family Cask Index

Almost endlessly collectible, the Glenfarclas Family Cask series has become hugely sought after in recent years.

Hanyu Cards Index

The Hanyu Cards series has grown to be a cult collectable, with full sets being worth eye watering amounts. This index tracks 40 regularly traded bottles from the collection.

Manager's Dram Index

These iconic cask strength bottlings picked by the Manager’s themselves have become highly sought after.

Macallan M18 & M25 Indices

The Macallan, The Malt – and exceptionally true when you consider the 18 year old and 25 year old vintages.

Macallan ESC. Single Cask Index

Rare Malts Index

The 'Rare Malts Selection' series of bottles was first released in 1995 by the then DCL (Distillers Company Ltd) which subsequently became part of Diageo.

Distillery Rankings

Whisky Collectors index

The Rare Whisky 101 collectors index shows the most heavily traded distilleries from both a volume and a value perspective.

Whisky Investors Index

The Rare Whisky 101 Investors index shows the distilleries which are performing the best as an investment.

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