What is the sediment, haze & precipitate material in very old, sherry matured whiskies and is it bad for you?

At RW101 we have 3 key client groups – Drinkers/Connoisseurs, Collectors and Investors.

Our hypothesis was that the higher the fill the more attractive the bottle and the higher the price paid by a connoisseur, collector or investor.

Given the dynamic nature of the auction market in the UK for rare whisky we have asked ourselves who are the winners and losers by channel - offline/traditional v new world/online/digital.

With values at record highs for many desirable bottles of rare whisky, we continue to witness increased numbers of fake scotch whisky bottles hitting the market.

While 2016 was a better year for traditional markets than other recent years, we still see the only certainty as un–certainty. Our evidence shows a broad–based acceleration of interest in alternatives and investments of passion. This was borne out by a…

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