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While 2016 was a better year for traditional markets than other recent years, we still see the only certainty as un–certainty. Our evidence shows a broad–based acceleration of interest in alternatives and investments of passion. This was borne out by a report by Lloyds Banking Group in 2016.

Most investors are not passionate about equities and bonds beyond their return but a study by Lloyds Private Banking has revealed that one in six UK investors holds a ‘hobby’ investment in their portfolios. Investors are willing to part with large sums of money to invest in what they love. On average, £13,500 is spent on a single investment, and with one in ten spending more than £50,000 on an individual item. ‘In investment terms, work and play do not need to be mutually exclusive, and with the right investment approach it is possible to make your interests pay,”

Markus Stadlmann,  CIO, Lloyds Private Banking.

For a more global view on alternative assets we have turned to The Wealth Report 2017 COMMISSIONED BY Lord Andrew Hay WRITTEN BY Knight Frank Research DESIGNED BY Knight Frank Creative and PUBLISHED in April 2017. The global data, survey information and intelligence this provides is very useful. We have taken their “passion collectable” data and added our Rare Whisky analysis to create, what we think are, very interesting charts:

Non scotch data from “Knight Frank Wealth Report 2017”.

Non scotch data from “Knight Frank Wealth Report 2017”. Rare Whisky data only exists from end 2008 to end 2016 (8 years).

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