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Benefits of Doing Research

Given the dynamic nature of the rare whisky market place and the explosion (in the UK) of on line auctioneers we advise our clients to do their own research before looking to participate.

The upsurge in volumes and values in the secondary (auction) market in the UK has been incredible and within this there are many bottles highly sought after by global connoisseurs, collectors and investors.

However, not all that glitters is gold. Many brands may be great for drinking and collection but if you are looking to invest in this passion collectable/alternative asset then you need to know where to look and what to buy.

Our proprietary indices and data can assist the investor in spotting trends, brands/bottles to consider acquiring and how much to pay for them.

Knowledge is Power

Critical in every sale/purchase is knowing the market

  • What’s hot and what’s not?
  • Why are certain brands and certain bottles within those brands doing better than others from the same distillery?
  • What are buyers looking for and why?
  • What should sellers expect for their bottles and where is best to sell?

As with any sale/purchase, it pays to do your research, look on line, call experts, speak to retailers and others in the sector and seek out reports, articles in the media and other trusted sources.

At RW101 we can offer valuable insight and intelligence based on our combined 50 years in the sector and supported by our world leading valuation database which tracks each and every bottle of rare whisky sold since 2003.

Our database is updated with around 6,000 new price records monthly and we use this to create 2 reports per annum – our Half Year (published August) and Full Year (published February) of every year.

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